Wasted Years

“Wasted Years” is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. It is the band’s fourteenth single released and the first from their sixth studio album, Somewhere in Time (1986). It is the only song on the album that features no synthesizers. Released in 1986, it was the first single solely written by guitarist Adrian Smith, who also sings backing vocals. It reached number 18 in the UK Singles Charts.

Wildest Dreams (Iron Maiden song)

“Wildest Dreams” is a single from Iron Maiden’s 13th studio album, Dance of Death, released in 2003. It was written by guitarist Adrian Smith and bassist Steve Harris.

The band began performing the song in concert before the album was released. The single also includes an improvisational jam from the Dance of Death sessions. The song was again played on The Final Frontier World Tour.

The music video is a computer animated short, where the band members drive around a desolate planet and into the mouth of Eddie (as depicted on the CD single cover).[2]

The guitar solo in “Wildest Dreams” is played by Adrian Smith.

It is also unique in the release of a DVD single[3] at the same time as the CD single,[4] the first time this was done by the band.

The single was released as a 7″ Green Vinyl Limited Edition[5] with two tracks; A CD maxi-single with three tracks[6] on it; Then for the first time a DVD version of the title track as a single[7] which also had a behind the scenes.

The Wicker Man (song)

“The Wicker Man” is a song by Iron Maiden, released as the first single from their album Brave New World in April 2000. It was co-written by Adrian Smith, Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris. It was co-produced by Kevin Shirley and Harris. The title is inspired by the British cult film of the same name. The song should not be confused with “Wicker Man” from Dickinson’s solo career, the lyrics of which are more closely themed around the film. The latter song can be found on the 2 disc edition of The Best of Bruce Dickinson.

Wasting Love

“Wasting Love” is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. It is the third single from their ninth studio album, Fear of the Dark, released in 1992.

The song was a collaboration of singer Bruce Dickinson, and guitarist Janick Gers. The lyrics deal with the subject of loneliness brought on by sex outside the context of love.

The single was only officially released in the Netherlands, although different one-track promotional CDs exist, one for U.S. radio stations and another for Spain, which had the only vinyl version of the single. [1]
The single cover is the third Iron Maiden single not to feature the band’s iconic mascot Eddie on the front cover (the previous examples being “Running Free (live)” and “From Here to Eternity”). The cover photo alludes to the music video, which portrays a man tattooing the names of women all over his body. The song’s video was directed by Samuel Bayer.

The guitar solo in “Wasting Love” is played by Janick Gers.

Virus (Iron Maiden song)

“Virus” is a single from Iron Maiden, released in 1996. It is the first single since 1980’s “Women in Uniform” that does not appear on any official Iron Maiden studio album. It was, however, featured as a brand new track on the band’s first ever career retrospective — 1996’s double-disc Best of the Beast. It is the only Iron Maiden song to be credited to both of the band’s guitarists. It has never been performed live by Iron Maiden, but Blaze Bayley performed it several times in his solo career. Lyrically, the song warns of rising business corruption in an increasingly Internet-dependent world.

Twilight Zone (Iron Maiden song)

“Twilight Zone” was the fourth single by Iron Maiden, released on 2 March 1981 and is the lead single to the 1981 LP Killers. The song did not appear in the original album in February, but was included in the U.S. release in June and the international 1998 remaster. At the time of its release, it was the band’s second-most successful single, peaking at No. 31 in the UK Singles Chart.[1] It is the band’s first single to feature guitarist Adrian Smith. In the 1990 box set, The First Ten Years, it is on the same CD and 12″ vinyl as the previous single, “Women in Uniform”.

The Trooper

“The Trooper” is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. It was released as the second single on 20 June 1983 from the band’s fourth studio album, Piece of Mind (1983). It was one of only a few songs to get much radio airplay in the US, thus peaking at No. 28 on the US Mainstream Rock charts.[1] It also achieved success in the UK, peaking at No. 12 in the UK Singles Charts as well as gaining a much better reception than the band’s previous single, “Flight of Icarus”.[2]
A live version of the song, from Death on the Road, was issued in 2005.

Stranger in a Strange Land (Iron Maiden song)

“Stranger in a Strange Land” is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released as the second single from their sixth studio album, Somewhere in Time (1986). The song is unrelated to Robert A. Heinlein’s novel by the same name.[1]

The lyrics are about an Arctic explorer who dies and is frozen in the ice. After a hundred years his body is found preserved by other people exploring there.[2] Adrian Smith was inspired to write about this song after talking to an explorer who had a similar experience of discovering a frozen body.

The guitar solo in “Stranger in a Strange Land” is played by Adrian Smith. The song is one of only four Iron Maiden songs to fade out, the others being “The Prophecy” from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, “Women in Uniform”, a single included on some pressings of Killers, and “Kill Me Ce Soir”, a 1990 B-side. The lyrics “brave new world” were also present in Iron Maiden’s 2000 studio release, Brave New World.

Speed of Light (Iron Maiden song)

“Speed of Light” is a song by the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden from their sixteenth studio album, The Book of Souls. The song was released as a music video on 14 August 2015 and was also made available as a digital download and issued as a single-track CD exclusive to Best Buy in the US.[1][2][3]

The song’s music video was directed and produced by Llexi Leon, creator of the comic book series Eternal Descent, as well as the virtual band of the same name.[1] The video is an “‘homage’ to four decades of video gaming”,[4] centring on the band’s mascot, Eddie, as he travels “through the combined 35-year history of video games”.[3] The visual effects were provided by The Brewery, who had previously worked on the films Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (2010) and Spike Island (2012), as well as the 2014 TV series Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond.[5]

Satellite 15… The Final Frontier

“Satellite 15… The Final Frontier” is the first track from British heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s album The Final Frontier. A short teaser for the song’s music video was released on 9 July 2010 and an announcement of the full video’s release was made on 13 July.[1]

The music video, presenting a 4-minute edit of the song (“The Final Frontier”), shows an astronaut (Gudmundur Thorvaldsson)[2] on a quest to destroy an unnamed planet. He is pursued and attacked by an alien incarnation of Eddie, the band’s mascot, before apparently killing him. Back on the spaceship, Eddie has sneaked aboard and ejects the astronaut into space, shortly before himself destroying the planet using a pyramidal relic (that the astronaut himself had just recovered from the planet) and the key featured on the album cover.

The video was created in eight weeks from a mixture of live action, CGI, and 3D animation by Darkside Animation Films. Written by Dirk Maggs, the live-action sequences were directed by Nick Scott Studios and shot in Rendlesham Forest.[3]

The song’s guitar solo, lasting from about 6:32 to 7:16, is a trade-off divided into two parts; the first is played by Adrian Smith (6:32-7:01), while the second is played by Dave Murray (7:01-7:16).

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