When We Stand Together

“When We Stand Together” is the lead single by the Canadian rock band Nickelback from their seventh studio album, Here and Now.

“When We Stand Together”, along with “Bottoms Up” were made free for listening on the band’s official website on September 22, 2011.[1] Both songs were released as singles on September 26 and available for download on September 27. The music video was released on November 3, 2011.

“When We Stand Together” was used for the theme song of WWE’s Tribute to the Troops. The band also performed this song at the event.

Boxer Lucian Bute came out to the ring with this song before his World Title fight with Carl Froch on May 26, 2012.

What Are You Waiting For? (Nickelback song)

“What Are You Waiting For?” is a song by the Canadian rock band Nickelback from their eighth studio album, No Fixed Address, and released as the second overall single and lead pop single off the album. The song was released on September 5, 2014 to Australia and other various countries, before being shipped worldwide on September 9, 2014.[2][3] The song impacted US Hot AC radio on September 22, 2014 and US CHR radio on October 21, 2014.[4][5]

Trying Not to Love You

“Trying Not to Love You” is a song by Canadian rock band Nickelback. It was released in August 2012 as the fifth and final single from their seventh studio album, Here and Now.

The music video for “Trying Not to Love You” was released in August 17, 2012. The music video features Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) and Brooke Burns (Baywatch). In the background at the beginning of the video, the Nickelback song “Photograph” can be heard.

Too Bad

“Too Bad” is a single by the Canadian rock band Nickelback, the second one from their 2001 album, Silver Side Up. The single was released in late 2001. It peaked at number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and number 1 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

The lyrics were written by the band’s singer and guitarist Chad Kroeger and deals with the issues he felt growing up without his father, who abandoned him at age two.[1]

A music video was made for the song showing the band playing in the “Woodley Sawmill”. A picture of the father and his son standing next to a truck is shown. The father leaves his family and his son seems to be the most impacted. After years pass, he and his mother get into a fight ending with him leaving. He speeds down a dirt road where several flashbacks appear and distracted he crashes into a wooden post, breaking his leg. The music stops for a moment when his father receives a phone call telling him about the accident, then starts again. He is brought back to his house, where he sees his father sitting at the table, and the two walk out to the father’s truck. The song ends with the picture shown at the beginning of the video shown again.

This Means War (Nickelback song)

“This Means War” is the third single from the Canadian rock band Nickelback’s seventh studio album, Here and Now. It was initially released as a promotional single in Germany on November 10, 2011,[1] and was later released as a radio single in the United States on February 14, 2012. On February 16, 2012, a behind the scenes-video is posted on nickelbacktv on YouTube. A music video was shot for the single, it premiered on March 29, 2012. It was also used as the official theme song for WWE’s Elimination Chamber (2012).

This Afternoon

“This Afternoon” is the eighth and final single from rock band Nickelback’s sixth studio album Dark Horse, released on March 23, 2010.[3]

The music video for the song was released on May 4 and was directed by Nigel Dick.[4]

In the video, a fraternity of college geeks throws a huge party to “prove to the world that the nerd brigade knows how to rock”. One member is tasked with getting lots of beer; another is assigned to find hot women to attend the party. Then another member arrives after having kidnapped Nickelback to play at the party; the fraternity leader however remarks “… Nickelback? You got me Nickelback?! … Alright, fine, they’ll do.” The party then proceeds as Nickelback are forced by 2 football players, after the leader says, “Boys, get ‘Em in there!” to play their song.

The video for “This Afternoon” was first shown on the Fuse website and can now be seen as their ‘Video Of The Day’ for 1 May 2010.

The song contains strong lyrical content suggestive of cannabis use and production, including an allusion to Bob Marley as well as Cheech and Chong.

During the week of June 4, 2010, the video debuted on CMT’s Top Twenty Countdown at number 18.[5]

Something in Your Mouth

“Something in Your Mouth” is the second single and 1st promotional single released from Canadian rock band Nickelback’s sixth studio album Dark Horse.[1] The song was released as a digital download to the U.S. iTunes Store on October 28, 2008. The song is much heavier than the first single “Gotta Be Somebody”, and more like the rest of the album. It was officially released as the second single to rock radio only on December 15, 2008,[2] This song was also used in the seventh film in the American Pie series — American Pie Presents: The Book of Love.

Someday (Nickelback song)

“Someday” is a song by Canadian rock band Nickelback. It was released on August 5, 2003 as the lead single from their 2003 album The Long Road. It reached #1 in Canada for three weeks and #7 in the United States. It also charted in the Top 10 of the UK singles chart, where it peaked at #6.

The lyrics chronicle a lost promise; the singer talks about how a relationship failed and he wonders “how the hell’d we wind up like this”. He wishes that they could discuss their issues and that the relationship will come back someday but that someday never comes because it’s a lost promise.

Side of a Bullet

“Side of a Bullet” is Nickelback’s seventh and final single from the album All The Right Reasons. The song was released only to U.S. rock stations.

The song is a tribute song to Dimebag Darrell who was shot on stage while performing in Columbus, Ohio. The lyrics for “Side of a Bullet” focus on the murder of Darrell and the aftermath thereof. The guitar solo is by Dimebag from the Far Beyond Driven era. Dimebag’s girlfriend Rita Haney and his brother Vinnie Paul sent Nickelback the track. At first Nickelback wanted to have Vinnie Paul playing on the track but he declined by stating that Nickelback’s drummer Daniel Adair performed just as well as he could.[1]

It charted on the U.S. Mainstream Rock Chart, peaking at #7, giving Nickelback their fourth top-ten hit on the chart from All the Right Reasons.

She Keeps Me Up

“She Keeps Me Up” is a song recorded by the Canadian rock band Nickelback. It was released on February 17, 2015 in North America, as the fifth overall single from their 2014 album, No Fixed Address. In an interview with Mike Kroeger for The Vancouver Sun, while noting many assume the lyrics are merely sexual innuendo, he freely admits the song is actually about cocaine use.[3] The additional vocalist on the song is Ali Tamposi.[4]

The music video, directed by Nigel Dick, shows two young ladies entering a secret pub at night. When they enter, they see people dancing, a bar man juggling cups, the band wearing suits and sunglasses and a man dressed in funking clothing dancing on a disco floor. At the end the ladies leave the pub and are holding each other’s hands in the day. Porscha Coleman was doing the backing vocals in the video, instead of Tamposi.

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