The Dull Flame of Desire

“The Dull Flame of Desire” is a song recorded by Icelandic singer Björk featuring Anohni Hegarty from the band Antony and the Johnsons. The track was released as the fifth and final single from her seventh full-length studio album, Volta, on 29 September 2008.[1] Björk has performed the song 12 times on her global Volta Tour, often with Antony Hegarty onstage.[2] The lyrics to the song are an English translation of a Russian poem by Fyodor Tyutchev, as it appears in the Andrei Tarkovsky film, Stalker.

Wanderlust (Björk song)

“Wanderlust” is a song written and recorded by Icelandic singer Björk. The track was released digitally as the fourth single[1] from her seventh full-length studio album, Volta, on 7 April 2008.

White labels of the single were issued in February 2008.[2] The physical single was released on 12 June after an almost two-month delay.[3]

Björk has described “Wanderlust” as being the heart of Volta,[4] and has said that the song is about “the state of looking for something and almost knowing you’re never going to find it” and that it makes fun of her hunger for “something new”.[5] It was released in the UK on 30 June.[6]

As Björk said in an interview for Harp, “Things go in circles. Wanderlust, for example, is a sort of continuity of ‘Hyperballad’.”[7]

Earth Intruders

“Earth Intruders” is a song written and recorded by Icelandic singer Björk. The song was released as the first single from her 2007 full-length studio album, Volta.
The single was released digitally in the USA on 9 April and 21 April 2007 and in Europe on 28 April 2007.[2][3][4] The single was released in a physical box set on 4 February 2008. Due to high digital download sales, it remains Björk’s highest charting single in the United States to date.

Triumph of a Heart

“Triumph of a Heart” is the second single from Björk’s album Medúlla. The hip hop-influenced song features beatboxer Rahzel from The Roots, Gregory Purnhagen, and Japanese beatboxer, Dokaka.

The making of the video is documented in a bonus feature that appears on The Medúlla Videos DVD. The feature focuses on the auditions for the bar patrons who had to be able to make the noises and sound effects required for the song.

The single was released on 28 February 2005 in the UK, and peaked at number 31.

The song was first performed live on April 20, 2008 during the Volta Tour at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.

Oceania (song)

“Oceania” is a song recorded by Icelandic singer Björk for her sixth studio album Medúlla. It was written and produced by Björk, with additional writing by Sjón and production by Mark Bell. The song was written by the singer specially for the 2004 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony, after a request by the International Olympic Committee. “Oceania” was released as a promotional single on 13 August 2004, by One Little Indian Records. The song was written at the ocean’s point of view, from which the singer believes all life emerged, and details the human’s evolution, whilst accompanied by a choir. “Oceania” was generally well received by music critics, who believed it was the best track from Medúlla, although some thought it was not the best choice for a promotional release.

The accompanying music video for the song, directed by Lynn Fox, features Björk as “Mother Oceania”, whilst being jewel-encrusted in dark watery depths, with a colourful sunset and swirling floral creatures above her. A remix of the song, featuring additional lyrics and vocals by Kelis on her point of view of the continents, was featured as a B-side to the “Who Is It” single. A piano version also appeared on the DVD single, and was assisted in its creation by Nico Muhly. The song was premiered during Björk’s performance on the Summer Olympics ceremony, and was later included on the setlist of the Volta Tour (2007–08). At the 47th Grammy Awards in 2005, it was nominated in the category of Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. Cover versions of “Oceania” were done six times, while it was sampled once.

Who Is It (Björk song)

“Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)” is a song recorded by Icelandic singer Björk for her 2004 studio album Medúlla. It was released as the first single from the album on 18 October 2004, by One Little Indian Records. The accompanying music video for the song was directed by Dawn Shadforth and shot outdoors in Björk’s native Iceland. The video features the bell choir version of the song, which was re-recorded with the Bústaðakirkja Bell Choir, and is different from the album version.

Where Is the Line

“Where Is the Line” is a song by Icelandic artist Björk, taken from the 2004 album Medúlla, written by the singer herself and co-produced with longtime collaborator Mark Bell. The track was originally intended to be released as the album’s third commercial single, but its release was cancelled just before Björk released the Drawing Restraint 9 soundtrack, in order to focus all promotional efforts on the film and soundtrack instead. Some promotional white labels vinyls were released around 2005.[1] A music video for the song was made by Icelandic Artist Gabríela Friðriksdóttir. Upon the cancellation of the single, the video was used as part of a video installation project by Friðriksdóttir.

The track is included on a compilation album released by Rough Trade, titled “The Record Shop – 30 Years Of Rough Trade Shops”. The track was chosen by Richard Russell.[2] A remix by Mike Patton of the band Fantômas (who contributed to the original album track) was made available for download on War Child Music in April 2005[3] and also appeared on a previous White label 12″, as the B-side to the Vitalic remix of Who Is It. Both remixes were suspected to be included with the commercial release of Where Is The Line.

It’s in Our Hands

“It’s in Our Hands” is a song by Icelandic recording artist and songwriter Björk, released as the first and only single from her first greatest hits album Greatest Hits (2002). Like her previous work, the song was written by her and co-produced by her along with Matmos. Musically, “It’s in Our Hands” is an electronic song that is influenced by glitch music, abstract sounds, ambient and synthpop. The song received critical acclaim from many music critics.

Pagan Poetry

“Pagan Poetry” is a song by Icelandic singer Björk, released in November 2001 as the second single from her fourth album, Vespertine.

The single peaked at number 38 in the UK and number 12 in Canada.

It was written and produced by Björk with additional production by Marius de Vries and mixed by Mark “Spike” Stent. The music box adaptation, featured in the song, was done by Jack Perron and the full version was later featured as a B-side song on the “Cocoon” single.

Cocoon (Björk song)

“Cocoon” is a song recorded by Icelandic singer Björk for her fourth studio album Vespertine (2001). It was written and produced by Björk and Thomas Knak, and released as the album’s third single on 11 March 2002, by One Little Indian Records. Inspired by her relationship with artist Matthew Barney, Björk set to make a record with a domestic mood. Working with Knak, she wrote “Cocoon”, a glitch song which is lyrically a song about a woman who describes making love with her lover during their post-coital hibernation, and includes frank sexual narrative related both explicitly and through over-sharing and metaphor.

Music critics received “Cocoon” with positive reviews, calling it one of the album’s best moments. The song fared moderately on music charts, peaking at number 35 on the UK Singles Chart, and reaching the top 10 only in Spain. The accompanying music video for “Cocoon” was directed by Eiko Ishioka and was shot in New York City. It premiered at Raindance Film Festival in October 2001, and was made available online through the singer’s official website in February 2002, closer to the song’s release as a single. It depicts Björk as a geisha whose makeup extends over her entire bleached nude body. The video was considerated innapropriate and was banned from prime-time MTV following her music video for “Pagan Poetry”. Björk promoted the song by performing on the Vespertine World Tour and several TV and radio shows.

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