Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

“Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere” was a single released by The Who in 1965. It features call-and-response lyrics (especially common in Who lyrics at this time) and some of the first ever recorded guitar feedback. The song was composed by lead singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend, the only time they wrote together. The guitar feedback, although not the first to be heard on a record (see The Beatles’ “I Feel Fine”), is thought to be the first solo with feedback. This is the first Who release with Nicky Hopkins playing piano.

Townshend said of the song:

I wrote the first verse and Roger helped me with the rest. I was inspired by listening to Charlie Parker, feeling that this was really a free spirit, and whatever he’d done with drugs and booze and everything else, that his playing released him and freed his spirit, and I wanted us to be like that, and I wanted to write a song about that, a spiritual song.

The song was rarely played live for most of The Who’s career, but since 1999 has become a staple for their live shows; it appears on the album Live at the Royal Albert Hall. It can also be found on BBC Sessions and The Kids Are Alright.

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