Another Side (Corbin Bleu album)

Another Side is the debut album from High School Musical singer Corbin Bleu. It was released by Hollywood Records on May 1, 2007. His first single off the album, “Push It to the Limit”, was recorded and appears on the soundtrack of Jump In!. Bleu has stated that the album has a “pop-R&B feel”. The album debuted at number thirty-six on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling about 18,000 copies in its first week.[2] He supported his debut album by doing a solo summer tour with opening act Mitchel Musso, along with opening for Vanessa Hudgens’ State & County Fair 2008 summer tour. He had covered two songs, “She Could Be” was originally sung by Christian Bautista and “Still There for Me” was originally sung by Nick Carter under the title “There for Me”. As singles, “Push It to the Limit” reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100, while “Deal with It” reached #112 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles and #87 on the Pop Songs chart.

Push It to the Limit (Corbin Bleu song)

“Push It to the Limit” is a pop/R&B song performed by Corbin Bleu, a young American singer-actor closely associated with The Walt Disney Company and its projects.

Made to cross-promote the Disney film Jump In! (released January 12, 2007), “Push It to the Limit” was released on the Disney Channel on Thanksgiving Day, 2006, and on Radio Disney the following Saturday. According to a press release from Walt Disney Records, this single and the other songs on the album are:

…part of the new music genre dubbed “pop-hop” for its blend of pop and hip-hop music styles […] “Push It to the Limit,” the lead track from the Jump In! album, also will be featured on Corbin Bleu’s debut album Another Side, available on Hollywood Records April 17, 2007.[1]

According to an analysis by the Knoxville News Sentinel:

…using a multi-media approach to corner the youth market […] Disney keeps rolling with the soundtrack for “Jump In!” […] The urban/pop album is a methodical appeal to the targeted market, but not so formulaic that it fails. In fact, there’s enough of an edge to most of these tracks that parents and older siblings won’t be put off – at least not initially – if they’re exposed to the soundtrack. […] Hip-hop meets electronic dance music while choruses brand the refrains with heavy repetition, and happily there’s not much namby-pamby filler that inevitably seems to bog down music for this demographic. Bleu confidently punches his way through “Push It to the Limit”…[2]

Corbin Bleu himself, in describing the sound of the music he is making with the Disney Company, relates it to other very popular youth-oriented pop rap acts:

It’s kind of R&B mixed with pop. You can think very similar to Justin Timberlake style with an Usher or Chris Brown type of thing going on as well.[3]

The Los Angeles Times, in naming Bleu one of the “Faces to Watch” in 2007, remarked upon:

a new brand of teen-pop for Disney — a wholesome, natural, R&B-flavored reaction to the synthetic era of Britney and the Backstreet Boys. With his ebullient-urchin image driven by the tireless Disney promotional machine that’s taken the Cheetah Girls, “High School Musical” and “Hannah Montana” to the top of the charts, Bleu is poised to be the face of youth-pop in 2007.[4]

Like Bleu’s last Disney project High School Musical (which New York Daily News has called “the biggest pop cultural phenomenon of 2006”), Jump In! will be promoted with a concert tour. Comparing his new prominence with this previous situation, Corbin Bleu remarked:

I don’t have any solos in ‘High School Musical.’ The only time you actually hear my voice is on ‘Stick to the Status Quo,’ where you can hear me say the word ‘What?’ But at least I got a dance solo.[5]

“Push It to the Limit” (the song and video), along with the movie and album it vanguards, mark a major increase in Bleu’s career and role in Disney’s entertainment empire.

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