Helwa ya ballads

Helwa ya balady (Egyptian Arabic: حلوة يا بلدي; English: Sweet, O country of mine) is a 1979 Egyptian song by Egyptian-born singer Dalida.

The song is an homage to Egypt, Dalida’s birthplace, and is typical of the nationalistic pride felt by many Egyptians for their country since the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. This is reflected in two popular uploads on YouTube,[1][2] which feature photo slideshows of various aspects of Egyptian culture and history, including Ancient Egypt, mosques, Coptic churches, colonial-era Cairo, modern Cairo, the Red Sea Riviera and the Mediterranean coast, set to the music of Helwa ya balady.
The song is composed in the key of C minor, although the chorus is in F minor.

Salma ya salama

Salma ya salama is a studio album released by Dalida in March 1977 in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Egypt and other countries. The album was very successful and over two million copies were sold worldwide.[citation needed] To promote the album Dalida gave several live performances in Europe, the Middle East and in the Arab world. The tour was very successful as well.[citation needed]

Bambino (Dalida song)

“Bambino” was Dalida’s first major hit, released as a single in 1956, and on the album Son nom est Dalida in 1957. It is a cover of the Neapolitan song “Guaglione”, sung by Aurelio Fierro. The song was high on the French singles charts for months, scoring 45 weeks in the Top 10.[1]

It also appeared in OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies, in 2006, sung in Arabic by Jean Dujardin.

Monday, Tuesday… Laissez-moi danser

“Monday, Tuesday… Laissez-moi danser” is a 1979-released disco single by French recording-artist Dalida.

It topped the French chart in 1979, and had considerable success throughout Europe. The song was written, and originally recorded in, Italian, by Toto Cutugno in 1978, under the title “Voglio l’Anima”. Dalida recorded the song in three languages; French, Spanish; “Dejame Bailar”, and English; “Let Me Dance Tonight”. The English-language version was released on 7″ single, backed with an English version of “Il Venait d’Avoir 18 Ans”.

A video was not made to accompany the original release; however, Dalida did make several TV appearances performing the song. A 2001 remix by French disco-artist Cerrone, which samples his 1981 track “Took Me So Long”, is accompanied by a video, using archive footage and computer-generated effects.

The French version of the song was released on the 1979 album “Dédié À Toi (Monday Tuesday)”. It also features on the recent compilation “Dalida 70: Les Années Disco”.

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