Through the Windowpane

Through the Windowpane is the debut full-length album from the British indie rock band Guillemots. It was released on 10 July 2006 in the United Kingdom and reached number 17 in the UK Album Chart. The album was highly anticipated following the strength of the singles “Trains to Brazil” and “Made-Up Lovesong #43”. It was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize. The band released the final single from the album, a re-recording of “Annie, Let’s Not Wait”, on 15 January 2007.

Trains to Brazil

“Trains to Brazil” is a song by Guillemots from their 2006 releases Through the Windowpane and From the Cliffs. It was also released as a single. The 2005 single contains three tracks and was released on CD and in limited vinyl 10″ formats. It was later re-released chart eligibly on September 11, 2006, peaking at #36.

In an interview for BBC Brazil, MC Lord Magrão, the band’s guitar player, explained that the song title “Trains to Brazil” is a reference to the fatal incident involving the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, who was shot by the police on the London Underground, and that the band’s singer/keyboardist Fyfe Dangerfield composed the song in 2002 originally under the title “Life Song”.

Fyfe describes the title track as follows:

It was weird, I wrote in 2002 and was sort of thinking about the whole Twin Towers thing, but then a couple of months before the London bombings we decided to drag this song out and do it as a single, and then all that stuff happened. On my birthday, as fate would have it – 7 July. Very odd. But yes, it’s also just a song about appreciating life, I guess.

All of the tracks from this single appeared on the 2006 international release “From the Cliffs”.

The B-side “Go Away” appeared on a compilation CD from British music magazine NME.

Never Went to Church

“Never Went to Church” is the second single to be taken from The Streets’ number one album The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living. “Never Went to Church” is a tribute to his recently deceased father. The piano line is a sample of a chord progression from the song “Let It Be” by The Beatles.

The B-side of this single is a cover of the song by Guillemots.

The single peaked at number 20 on the UK Singles Chart.[1]

Made-Up Lovesong 43

“Made-Up Lovesong #43” is a song by Guillemots, from their album, Through the Windowpane. It was released as a single; their first to be chart-eligible, reaching number 23 in the UK Singles Chart. An older version of the song appears on I Saw Such Things in My Sleep EP and From the Cliffs.

CD single
“Made-Up Lovesong #43”
“Woody Brown River” (demo)
“The Dormouse & The Meerkat”
“Made-Up Lovesong #43″ (Video)
7” Picture Disc
“Made-Up Lovesong #43”
7″ single
“Made-Up Lovesong #43”
“Dunes “

Little Bear (song)

“Little Bear” is the opening track of Through the Windowpane, the 2006 debut album from indie band Guillemots. It was written by Guillemots frontman Fyfe Dangerfield,[1] and in 2010 was listed in the reference book 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die.[2]

In a radio programme celebrating the 40th anniversary of BBC station Radio 1, Paul McCartney named “Little Bear” as one of his “all-time favourite songs”.[3][4] McCartney called the track “a very brave way to open an album”, and praised its “beautiful orchestration”.[2]

Get Over It (Guillemots song)

“Get Over It” is a song by Guillemots, which appears on the band’s second album, Red. It was released as the first single from their second album on 17 March 2008.[1]

The music has a disco-influenced pop sound.

The song was championed by BBC Radio 1 presenter Scott Mills and featured on the station’s playlist. The debut chart position for the single was #20 on the official UK singles chart for the week ending 23 March 2008.

The video was filmed in 2008, and was directed by Guillemots member MC Lord Magrao.

Falling Out of Reach

“Falling out of Reach” is a song by Guillemots, which appears on the band’s second album, Red. It was released as the second single from their second album on 26 May 2008.[1] It has reached #49 on the UK Singles Chart.[2] The B-side, ‘Trick Of The Light’ was originally recorded for Q (magazine). The band were given the song title ‘Seabirds’ and 24 hours to write and record the track.

The video for the single features actor Ian McKellen.[3] The band performed the song at Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton.[4]

Kriss Kross / Clarion

“Kriss Kross” / “Clarion” is a double A-side single by multinational band Guillemots. It was released on 28 September 2008 as a digital download, then as a limited edition 10″ record two weeks later. It was the first double A-side released by Guillemots. Lead singer Fyfe Dangerfield explained: “We’ve always meant to put out a double A-side at some point, and we couldn’t decide which of ‘Kriss Kross’ and ‘Clarion’ should be the next single, so now seemed like the right time to do both.” Dangerfield was the sole writer of “Clarion”; “Kriss Kross” was credited to the entire band.[1] Both songs were produced by Guillemots and record producer Adam Noble,[1] and both were featured on Guillemots’ second album, Red.[2]

“Kriss Kross” had already been made available to download for free from Guillemots’ official website during February 2008.[3] When officially rereleased as a download through the iTunes Store, the song was featured with “Clarion” as part of a digital EP, alongside a new song written at Latitude Festival 2008 entitled “Fishbone for a Drink”, a live cover of “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro, and the music video for “Kriss Kross”.[4] The video was filmed in 2008, and was directed by Guillemots member MC Lord Magrão, who uploaded it to his personal YouTube account during August 2008.[5]

Critical reception to “Kriss Kross” / “Clarion” was generally positive. After it was made available for free to download, “Kriss Kross” was described as “cool” by Sugar;[6] Stereogum praised its melody and Dangerfield’s “trademark exubarence”, but stated that its outro was “mundane”.[7] Andy Gill of The Independent described the song as having a “lumbering funk-rock groove”,[8] while Nick Orton of Gigwise called it “aggressive”, and “revealing a harder Guillemots than we’re accustomed to”.[9] A more critical review came from Yahoo! Music UK, who gave “Kriss Kross” a score of six out of ten, unfavourably comparing it with both British glam rock band The Darkness and “Kiss Kiss” by Australian singer Holly Valance.[10]

Black and Gold

“Black and Gold” is the lead single from Australian recording artist Sam Sparro’s eponymous debut album.[2] The song was written by Sam Falson & Jesse Rogg. It has been remixed by Max Sanna and Steve Pitron, Paul Epworth, Al Usher, Kings of the Universe, Kromatik, and Russ Chimes.[3] The original version of the single was made available online on 23 March 2008, with the entire album available from 31 March.[4] On 7 April, the CD, 12″ and limited edition 7″ singles were released.

“Black and Gold” explores the relationship between reason, spirituality, and love. The song was nominated for Best Dance Recording at the 2009 Grammy Awards. It was also included on the soundtrack of the football video game FIFA 09.

Annie, Let’s Not Wait

“Annie, Let’s Not Wait” is a song by Guillemots, which appears on the band’s debut album, Through the Windowpane. A re-recording was released as a single on January 15, 2007, featuring the Guillemettes, a trio of female vocalists who first appeared with the band in their appearance on Top of the Pops in June 2006, performing “Made-Up Love Song #43”.[1] Promotion for the single included an appearance by the band on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross in December 2006.[2]

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