Turn the Lights Out (Hadouken! song)

“Turn the Lights Out” is a single by British Grindie band Hadouken! from their second album, For the Masses.[1] It was released digitally on 20 December 2009, peaking at #2 on the UK Electronic Music Chart.[2]

The promotional video for the song shows the band playing in a living room that looks to have been badly scorched and burned. A long haired, unshaven man covered in dirt breaks through the floorboards and picks up a Gramophone record and plays it on a turntable. A gathering of dancing people then appear around the band, and the aforementioned man begins to trash the room. As the video ends the man sits down in his armchair and the record stops playing.

That Boy That Girl

“That Boy That Girl” is the first single by British band Hadouken!. The first track later re-appeared as the second track on their 2008 debut studio album Music for an Accelerated Culture. The version from the album charted at place 188 in the 10 May 2008 UK Singles Chart.[citation needed]

The band are described on the HMV website as:

A collision of grimey beats, razor-sharp lyrical dissection of 2007 nightlife and a whole dollop of flouro-pop sensibility, Hadouken! exploded into 2007 with the release of their Radio One championed 12″ ‘That Boy That Girl’. Confusing some, tickling most, their kaleidoscopic approach modern pop music is exhilarating. The song was released as a 1000 record limited pressing, with 500 of these being coloured in by the band themselves, which is now somewhat of a collectors item.[1]

Oxygen (Hadouken! song)

“Oxygen” is a song by British new rave band Hadouken!. It was released as the second single from their third studio album Every Weekend on 7 November 2010. The EP was released later on 18 January 2011.[1]

“Oxygen” is the second of two songs (the other being “Mecha Love”) that the band had confirmed to be released as singles in 2010, before the rest of their third album is recorded in January 2011.

The song was mistakenly released on Beatport on the same date as “Mecha Love”, several weeks before the announced release date. To compensate for this, the official release date was pushed back into December and the release was extended into an EP.

Mic Check (Hadouken! song)

“Mic Check” is the third single by British Grindie band Hadouken! to be released from their second studio album, For the Masses.

The song was originally going to contain a sample from Double 99’s RIP Groove, however due to clearance issues, the sample was removed to prevent delays in the release of the album. When the sample was cleared for use, Mic Check was announced as a single. There are three versions of the song; the album version, the radio edit, which is exactly the same as the album version but with the sample reinstated, and a remix which contains the sample and is a heavier, dancier version of the song.

Mecha Love

“Mecha Love” is the first single by British grime band Hadouken! from their third studio album Every Weekend. It was released on 18 October 2010.

The band had confirmed several times earlier that they had started work on their third album and that they were demoing tracks. They later stated they had recorded two songs to be released as singles (Mecha Love and Oxygen) before they headed to the studio to record the rest of the album.

The song made its radio debut on Radio 1, where it was played by Nick Grimshaw after a chat with James Smith. He then posted the link to the music video on his Facebook page.

Mad (Hadouken! EP)

The M.A.D. EP is a 2009 EP by New Rave band Hadouken!. It was released on 14 September 2009.[1][2][3] It was released in the UK as a digital download EP, however, a CD single is available in Japan. M.A.D. stands for Mutually Assured Destruction. The title track later appeared on the band’s second studio album, For the Masses.

The music video for the Hadouken! song M.A.D. shows a man dressed in a mouse outfit, who appears to be a public menace. He intentionally trips an elderly woman and harasses two women on the street. The mouse then walks into a shop where he tries to buy a bottle of alcoholic cider from the shopkeeper, but the shopkeeper refuses to sell alcohol to him, leading to an argument that causes the mouse to beat him up. The mouse drinks the cider and starts to feel bad about his actions. Finally a cat, who is a man dressed in a cat outfit being a public hero, chases and wins a fight against the mouse, presumably killing him with a brick as the music video ends.[5]

Love, Sweat and Beer EP

Love, Sweat and Beer EP is a 2007 EP by British grindie band Hadouken!. It consists of 4 tracks taken from their previously released USB mixtape, Not Here to Please You. The EP was released to allow fans to have the songs as separate tracks, rather than one continuous mixtape, although both Leap of Faith and the Noisia remix of Liquid Lives were previously made available as separate tracks.

Liquid Lives

“Liquid Lives” is the second single by British band Hadouken!. The single reached the top 40 in the UK and currently the album’s best selling single.

The song deals with the binge drinking habits of the British people, and how it affects different people, like as quoted “a girl who gets date raped”. Also mentioned is a man who “fell off his horse and shot himself”, and “a drunk driver”.[1]

Like previous single “That Boy That Girl”, the video was directed and created by Bobby Harlow, and after the success of “That Boy That Girl” they decided to shoot a more professional video as previously the music video had been shot in a friend’s bedroom.[citation needed]

The video works around the band playing in a club like room lite with UV lighting and paints, with “Hadouken!” written all over the walls as well as other art and writing. There are people dancing around the band, whilst covered in UV paint. The cameras are mounted on the band’s instruments and equipment as well as some other points of the room.[2]

Leap of Faith (Hadouken! song)

“Leap of Faith” is the third single by British band Hadouken!, the single was released on the bands mixtape Not Here to Please You, the single itself was digitally released on 18 November 2007.[1]

The track is described by the band’s official Bebo website as:

“   the nearest they’ve come yet to balls-out rock & roll, the menacing hoody adolescent offspring of Nine Inch Nails and Muse.[2]     -Hadouken!        ”

The track was released on 12 November on the EP titled Not Here to Please You,[3] and then released as a digital single on 18 November 2007.[4] It peaked at number 97 on iTunes. It is also the only single by Hadouken! to be left out of their debut album, Music for an Accelerated Culture, because it does not match the style of other songs on the album, and was written as an experiment.

The song is about Teenage pregnancy and Gang violence.[5]

“Leap of Faith” is the theme song for BBC Two show Sound, on the fourth episode Hadouken! were featured on the show playing the single live.[6]

The full version of the song was only available on MySpace and the “Love, Sweat and Beer EP”. All other releases contain the radio edit of the song.

For the Masses (Hadouken! album)

For the Masses is the second studio album by British grindie band Hadouken!.[1] It was recorded in Groningen, The Netherlands during the Summer of 2009, and preceded by the release of the M.A.D. EP.

All songs written by James Smith

1.    “Rebirth”
2.    “Turn the Lights Out”
3.    “M.A.D.”
4.    “Evil”
5.    “House is Falling”
6.    “Mic Check”
7.    “Ugly”
8.    “Bombshock”
9.    “Play the Night”
10.    “Lost[1]”
11.    “Retaliate” (iTunes Bonus Track)
“Ugly” was featured as a dub mix on the M.A.D. EP.

Get Smashed Gate Crash

Get Smashed Gate Crash is the first single from Hadouken’s debut album Music for an Accelerated Culture, released on 4 May 2008. The physical single was available from 17 March 2008, with the digital version being released on 4 April 2008.

The song was Hadouken!’s standard set opener from 2008 until 2009, when it was replaced by the opening track to For the Masses, Rebirth.

Declaration of War (song)

“Declaration of War” is the second single from Hadouken’s debut album released on 4 May 2008. As of 2009, it is the band’s second most successful single, after Liquid Lives, charting at #66 in the UK.

Track listing
ecl# “Declaration of War” (Hadouken! vs. Kissy Sell Out Remix)
1. “Declaration of War” (Mason Vocal Remix)
2. “Declaration of War” (The Whip Remix)
3. “Declaration of War” (Jeuce Rework)

1. “Declaration of War”
2. “Declaration of War” (Hadouken! Vs. Kissy Sell Out Remix)
# history of the”Declaration of War” (Mason Vocal Mix)
1. “Declaration of War” (The Whip Remix)
2. “Declaration of War” (Video)

Crank It Up (Hadouken! song)

“Crank It Up” is the fifth single from English Grime band Hadouken!’s first album Music for an Accelerated Culture. It was released on 7 July 2008 following the recent releases of their singles Get Smashed Gate Crash and Declaration of War from the same album. It also bares a large resemblance to MC Lars’ Download This Song.

The music video for Crank It Up shows lead Hadouken! singer James Smith first emerge from a Hadouken! decorated tape after a series of newspaper pattern based images, showing outlines of band members. The other band members then appear in place of Smith: Alice Spooner, Daniel “Pilau” Rice, Chris Purcell and Nick Rice in a “tearing away paper” animation. The band are then shown performing the song together with a series of images in the background and flashing lights. Soon after, the band are seen performing next to a series of stacked televisions. Members of the band can be seen on the TV screens, and it often zooms in on them in different places, including a street scene. Towards the end of the video, a computer monitor screen can be seen, with animated sillouettes of the band members shown. It appears as if many windows of the same animations showing the band members are opening on the screen. At the end of the video, the trend of bright images and animations continue as more silouttes can be seen in front of a multi-coloured background. The video finishes by zooming away from one television stacked among others, next to where the band were performing earlier on in the video.

On music site Gigwise, the video is described as “a riot from start to finish”.[1]

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