Something is changing

“Algo Está Cambiando” (English: Something is Changing) is the third single from the Mexican singer Julieta Venegas off her third studio album Sí.

The song was written by Coti Sorokin and Julieta Venegas occupying the first places of the Billboard charts, is positioned at the top at number one in Spain, Argentina and Mexico.

The video, recorded by Rigoberto Castañeda, shows Julieta entering an apartment where she carelessly throws her keys to a wooden table, removes her pink jacket placing it on a chair in the hallway and hurries to answer the phone, accidentally breaking a long, white vase in the process. She briefly speaks on the phone and then hurries to take her jacket and keys while a still take of a photograph of a groping couple is shown as she puts the jacket back on and leaves the apartment just to come right back in.

She repeats the same sequence of actions, but the key chain, vase and most of the furniture changes in color and style. A photograph of the same couple sitting further away but smiling is shown, then the singer leaves the apartment to reveal a couple of copies of her with different clothes hanging from the coat stand singing and moving their feet rhythmically.

The sequence repeats itself twice, with Julieta becoming increasingly careless with the way she throws the keys and breaks the vases, and dismissing such things as unimportant; showing pictures of the couple sitting further away and ignoring each other, and adding a new copy of her on the hanger each time. By the fourth time the sequence repeats itself, the furniture begins to shift randomly around the apartment.

The fifth time she comes back in, most of the furniture is gone, so Julieta decides to hang on to her keys and puts them in her pocket, throws her jacket on the floor and dances happily to the phone. By the end, the spectator realizes that her neglecting boyfriend is finally “out of the picture”.


“Oleada” (English: Wave) is Julieta Venegas fourth single from her album Sí.

The song was written by Coti Sorokin and Julieta Venegas. Ranked 31 on the Billboard Latin Pop Airplay release.

The music video was directed by Valdes & Chewing gum and Recorded in National Park Insurgente Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (La Marquesa), State of Mexico . Creatures Were named Frijolitos designed by Miguel Campos. The video itself Julieta Venegas Starts With two suitcases and carrying them in the trunk Placing of her car, driving away later with her dog while singing cheerfully.
Julieta is then seen outside her car in the middle of the road, admiring the scenery. After driving a little more, she finds herself surrounded by a group of small shadowy creatures that play with the dog and ride on its back.
Then she’s shown to have taken the creatures with her in the car, and the group is being followed by a sky blue giant through the desert. The last time she stops, the giant grabs the car and toys around with it. She’s seen in an unknown location, singing some more, while the dark creatures playfully unpack her belongings and scare the dog away.


“Algún Día” (English: “Someday”) is a song by Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas released as the second single from her album “MTV Unplugged” in 2008. Released on September 10, 2008 in Mexico and several Latin American countries.

The song was written and performed by Julieta Venegas herself on the MTV Unplugged, in collaboration with Gustavo Santaolalla playing the banjo and singing.


Farewell (Julieta Venegas song)

“Despedida” (English:”Farewell”) is a song by Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas. It is released as the second single on 11 May 2011 from the album “Otra Cosa”. This song was inspired by the Mexican singer-songwriter José Alfredo Jiménez. “Despedida” entered the Latin Pop Airplay and received positive reviews considered the best song from her album. The song has 2 different versions of the music video, one for Europe and the other to America.

Right or wrong

“Bien o Mal” (English: “Right or Wrong”) is a song by Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas. It was released as first single from her studio album, Otra Cosa. The launch of this song was made January 18, 2010. The singer-songwriter Argentine Alejandro Sergi apart from being a collaborator in writing this song appears on backing vocals. “Bien o Mal” entered the top ten of Mexico and is popular in Latin America, Spain and entered on the US Latin Pop Airplay, Hot Latin Tracks and Tropical Songs. The music video is recorded on December, 2009 in Argentina and on November 11, 2010, won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.

The song written by Julieta Venegas with the collaboration of Argentine singer Alejandor Sergi vocalist from Miranda!, the Single was released on digital download on January 10, 2010, quickly hit the top of the Mexican and Latin American radio. The song is about the fear people have as they start a relationship.

The present

“El presente” (English: “The Present”) is a song by Julieta Venegas and is the first single from her album MTV Unplugged Julieta Venegas. Released on April 15, 2008. It is categorized as “A Worldwide Hit”. The next song was placed in the top of Mexican radio, and Latin America and spent 11 weeks in the first place. Is nominated for Latin Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year in 2008.

It was written by Julieta Venegas for her MTV Unplugged. “The song is about having only this time with a bit of nostalgia because it is short time, but at the same time enjoying it with someone who makes it worthwhile … it is both sad and happy” Julieta said this in her Myspace page.

First day

“Primer día” (English “First Day”) is a song by Julieta Venegas and Argentinean rapper Dante Spinetta, which was the third single from the album Limón y Sal.

The song was written for Julieta Venegas and Dante Spinetta and produced by Cachorro López. The song is about two people who have finished already but for the first time will say what you feel after having finished their relationship.

The video was shot in a city in Argentina, the director was Joaquín Cambre.
The video shows Dante Spinetta walking down the city with a typical fruit vendor attire, pushing a kart loaded with watermelon, while Julieta, dressed in Asian motifs, tours the city in the back seat of a taxi. The two meet by chance when the taxi accidentally cuts Dante’s way abruptly and the fruit splatters on the street.
The audience is then shown a series of still takes and animations of Julieta dressed as a stereotypical ninja fighting with a sword, while Spinetta raps in front of typical ninja-movie imagery. After a little singing in the cab, another set of stills and animations with the singers dressed up in a more modern style with slot machine and other casino imagery in the back ground. Then Julieta sings in the taxi a little more.
After that, both styles of the previous animations are shown. Then Venegas and Spinetta are seen walking through a street market, singing the rest of the song.

You are for me

“Eres Para Mí” (English: “You are for Me”) is a Latin pop-Hip-hop song by the Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas and the Chilean singer Anita Tijoux It was recorded for Julieta Venegas’s studio album Limón y Sal. Released as the third single on January 1, 2007. It had the same success as her first single “Me Voy” in Latin America appearing at the top of the pop charts.

The song is a duo featuring Chilean rapper, Anita Tijoux and has grown to become one of Venegas’s most successful songs in the U.S. Hot Latin Charts, reaching a peak of 5 in just a few weeks and # 2 in Latin Pop Airplay. It is in the key of B minor and 4/4 time.

Limón y sal (song)

“Limón y sal” (English: Lemon and Salt) is Julieta Venegas’ second single release from her fourth studio album with the same name. Released in Mexico and USA on August 30, 2006. It did not chart on the billboard hot Latin songs chart.
The song was written by Julieta Venegas and Jorge Villamizar (Ex-vocalist of Bacilos) and produced by Cachorro López. The song is about the acceptance of a loved one, their strengths and weaknesses.

Me Voy (Julieta Venegas song)

“Me Voy” (English: “I’m Leaving”) is a song by the Mexican singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas and is the first single from her fourth studio album, Limón y Sal. It was released in Mexico on March 27, 2006. The song was written by Julieta Venegas herself. The music video was directed by Picky Tallarico. Thus far, it is Venegas’s most successful song. It was released in Europe in 2007 and appears in the top positions in Italy and Switzerland. The song is nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards of 2006 in Record of the Year and the video for Best Short Form Music Video.

Written by Julieta Venegas and produced by Cachorro López, “Me Voy” is a Ranchera/Pop farewell song between two lovers. It is in the key of D major and 6/8 time.

Lento (Julieta Venegas song)

“Lento” (English: “Slow”) is the second single from the third album by Mexican singer Julieta Venegas, called Sí. The song was named the 5th best song of the 2000s decade by Latin music website Club Fonograma.[1]

The song was written by Coti Sorokin and Julieta Venegas. Julieta plays the accordion, drum machine and keyboards on the track. It made the Billboard chart, and reached positions 31 and 13 on the Hot Latin Songs and Latin Pop Airplay respectively. Julieta performed a new version on piano for her MTV Unplugged in 2008. Erika Martins Brazilian singer performed a cover of this song in Portuguese in 2009, and sings a few bars of the song in Spanish position in the lists of popularity in Brazil.

The performance of the MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamérica 2004 in Miami, Florida performs with the Mexican hip hop group Cartel de Santa[2]

The music video was filmed in Japan, and featured her twin sister Yvonne.

The video begins with Julieta Venegas walking the streets of Japan and following her sister Yvonne. The two are dressed in the same clothes and have the same hairstyle (except that Yvonne has shorter hair). Animated flowers and plants begin to grow each time Julieta goes through a street and on anything she touches. The video ends with the sisters playing a crane game.

Andar Conmigo

“Andar Conmigo” (English: Go Out With Me) is the first single from the Mexican singer Julieta Venegas’s third studio album Sí. The song was nominated for Latin Grammy Award for Song of the Year.

This song was written and produced by Coti Sorokin and Julieta Venegas, who plays the accordion and drum machine with Coti on guitars, bass and vocals (background). It was released as a debut single from her album in 2003, occupying the places on the Billboard # 33 and # 14 on the Hot Latin Tracks and Latin Pop Airplay respectively. It also took first place in Mexican radio ratings for 15 weeks. In 2008, Venegas made a new version of the song for her MTV Unplugged.

In the 6° installment Latin Grammy Award for singing with the band norteña Los Tigres del Norte a popurrí of “El Taxista”, “Andar Conmigo (Norteña Version)” and “La Manzanita”.[1]

The music video was filmed in Buenos Aires under the direction of Santiago Pueyrredon. The video was paid for with Julieta’s own money because the label did not want to give her money for the film. The “actors” were friends, relatives and acquaintances of Julieta.
The video depicts a bride in a canteen looking for a partner. She wears a torn dress and no makeup. She walks around the canteen seeing potential partners of all ages. In the end Julieta appears sporting a new dress and makeup, and gives the “yes” to a man bigger than her outside the bar and they kiss.
The video was nominated for “Video of the Year” in 2004 in the MTV VMAla’s, but was ultimately won by Cafe Tacvba’s Eres.

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