Human (Skye Sweetnam song)

“Human” is the fourth single released by Canadian pop rock singer Skye Sweetnam. The song is the lead single released by Sweetnam off of her second album Sound Soldier. The song was produced by production group The Matrix.

The song was released on her MySpace as a sneak peek, while the full version was leaked to the internet on September 8, 2007. Sweetnam performed the song while she toured across Canada in October and November 2007 as the opening act for Kalan Porter and then on her own tour with Faber Drive. She also performed “Human” as part of her setlist on the 2007 School Rocks Canada tour. The new song was released through EMI, quelling rumors of Sweetnam being dropped from Capitol Records.

The music video, directed by Sean Wainsteim, was inspired by the film Tank Girl. Sweetnam is in a wasteland where she’s surrounded by “junk people” while singing about how “we’re only human”. She also leads the group of “junkies” in a dance sequence and is followed while driving a bulldozer. The ending of the video has a comic book-style animation sequence. This was drawn by comic book artist Cameron Stewart.

Tangled Up in Me

“Tangled Up in Me” is a song recorded by Canadian musician Skye Sweetnam. It was released as the second single from Sweetnam’s debut album Noise From the Basement in March 9, 2004 through EMI Canada. The song was written by Syke Sweetnam, James Robertson, Heather Mitchell, and Jimmy Harry. The song became Sweetnam’s best charting single in the United States after it was featured in an episode of MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Since its release in 2004, the song has been covered by the Italian band, Fisting Janet.

The music video shows Skye singing on stage, becoming tangled up in wires by the end of the video. The band is performing with transparent blue instruments.

Number One (Skye Sweetnam song)

“Number One” is the third and final single released from Noise From the Basement, the 2004 debut album from Canadian musician Skye Sweetnam. The song was written by Skye Sweetnam, Paul Cafaro, Peter Konicek, and Eric Dodd. It was produced by LCV and by Sweetnam herself. Although this single did not make an impact on the singles charts, it did manage to peak at #22 on the Much Music Top 30 Countdown in 2005.

The video starts with Skye entering her room, throwing her guitar bag on the floor and getting on her bed. Skye then walks to her mirror-table, applying some eye liner. She then puts on a pink dress and starts singing. She can also be seen walking down a hallway with the same dress, holding and playing on a little pink guitar. When the song is nearly in the end, Skye removes the dress and enters a room, where she starts playing with her band.

Billy S.

“Billy S.” is a song recorded by Canadian musician Skye Sweetnam. It was released as her debut major label single in 2003, and was the first single from her album, Noise From the Basement. The song was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie How to Deal.

The song’s title, “Billy S.” stands for Billy Shakespeare, a reference to William Shakespeare, whom Skye refers to throughout the song.Sweetnam thought that the title “Billy Shakespeare” was too long, and decided to shorten it.

The music video for Billy S., filmed in Southern California, features Skye Sweetnam recording herself singing into a hand held camera. The video then goes on to show Sweetnam editing the video on a computer. The video also features scenes from the movie How to Deal. Skye is also shown, while making her video, gathering a group of people for the purpose of throwing a party and ultimately skipping school, walking triumphantly past the (school) bus.

The video for Billy S. received regular airplay on MuchMusic and YTV.

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