Oh Na Na Na

“Oh Na Na Na” is a song recorded by Nigerian recording artist Slim Burna, released on 1 October 2013 in celebration of Nigeria’s 53rd Independence Day Anniversary. The song was produced, mixed and mastered by Slim Burna and his co-producer P Jaydino at Street Rhymes Studios in Port Harcourt.[1] “Oh Na Na Na” premiered on Port Harcourt’s Rhythm 93.7 FM on 28 September 2013.[2][3] Burna uses the song to convey his feelings for a Nigerian girl he lusts after, lyrically, comparing her physical beauty and sexual attractiveness to those of an Indian and a Brazilian girl.

Critical reception to “Oh Na Na Na” has been generally positive-to-mixed. One reviewer complimented its feel-good vibe and catchy quality, while another felt that its production was a little too boisterous, and tends to be dance floor-friendly rather than listener-oriented. The song became the first radio top ten hit of Slim Burna’s career, when it entered the TGIF Chart at number ten, and eventually reached the number two position.

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