Cocoon (Björk song)

“Cocoon” is a song recorded by Icelandic singer Björk for her fourth studio album Vespertine (2001). It was written and produced by Björk and Thomas Knak, and released as the album’s third single on 11 March 2002, by One Little Indian Records. Inspired by her relationship with artist Matthew Barney, Björk set to make a record with a domestic mood. Working with Knak, she wrote “Cocoon”, a glitch song which is lyrically a song about a woman who describes making love with her lover during their post-coital hibernation, and includes frank sexual narrative related both explicitly and through over-sharing and metaphor.

Music critics received “Cocoon” with positive reviews, calling it one of the album’s best moments. The song fared moderately on music charts, peaking at number 35 on the UK Singles Chart, and reaching the top 10 only in Spain. The accompanying music video for “Cocoon” was directed by Eiko Ishioka and was shot in New York City. It premiered at Raindance Film Festival in October 2001, and was made available online through the singer’s official website in February 2002, closer to the song’s release as a single. It depicts Björk as a geisha whose makeup extends over her entire bleached nude body. The video was considerated innapropriate and was banned from prime-time MTV following her music video for “Pagan Poetry”. Björk promoted the song by performing on the Vespertine World Tour and several TV and radio shows.

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