Etcetera (Beatles song)

“Etcetera” is an unreleased song recorded as a demo by Paul McCartney on 20 August 1968, during a session for The Beatles (also known as the White Album).

Paul McCartney recalls in his authorized biography, Many Years from Now, that he had written the song, intending to give it to Marianne Faithfull to record, but she passed on recording it; The Beatles did as well.[1]

The song was recorded as a demo during the same session that producing White Album songs, “Mother Nature’s Son” and “Wild Honey Pie”. McCartney recorded one take of the song while waiting for session musicians to arrive. After the take was recorded, the tape was taken away by George Martin’s assistant, Chris Thomas. The recording is said to have lyrics, a bridge, and an introduction that’s reminiscent of “Here, There and Everywhere”.[1]

McCartney himself has not spoken well of the song. He has stated that “it’s a bad song” and that he’s “glad it died in a tape bin”. On the other hand, engineer Alan Brown called it “a very beautiful song.” Brown described the song as a “ballad and has the word ‘etcetera’ several times in the lyric.”[1]

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