“Hesitate” is the third single from Stone Sour’s third album Audio Secrecy. The 1 track Promo single for the song, released strictly to radio in 2010. CD comes in a thin paper sleeve with no artwork.

“Hesitate” is a power ballad, in the same vein as “Bother” and “Through Glass”. Taylor’s voice flies over a steadily building mid-tempo track that blends electric and acoustic guitars over a spare rhythm section.

When the full band joins Taylor’s vocals, the song stays much more restrained than a typical power ballad, which allows for greater focus on the heartbreak described in the lyrics:

“Because I see you / But I can’t feel you anymore / So go away / I need you but I can’t need you anymore / You hesitate / Hesitate.”

The music video for the song “Hesitate,” off the band’s 3rd full length Audio Secrecy. Frontman Corey Taylor offers the following explanation behind the concept of the song:[1]

“Hesitate” is “about letting go of something that you want with all your heart that you know is just gonna do nothing but damage to you,” he continues. “And it takes a special kind of heart and a special kind of courage to do that.”

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