Hidden Place

“Hidden Place” is a song by Icelandic recording artist Björk, taken from her 2001 album Vespertine. It was written and produced by Björk. “Hidden Place” was released as a lead single from Vespertine on August 3, 2001.

In 2000, while Björk worked on the film Dancer in the Dark, she also began producing her next album, writing new music and teaming with new collaborators; she has said “Selmasongs was the day job and Vespertine was the hobby”.[3] Her new relationship with artist Matthew Barney and the tension while filming Dancer in the Dark have been referred to as the two major forces that shaped what would become Vespertine.[4] As the process of filming demanded her to be extroverted, the new music she was creating became hushed and tranquil as a way to escape.[4] Björk commissioned Valgeir Sigurðsson to relocate some of his studio equipment from Iceland to Denmark, where Dancer in the Dark was being filmed.[4] While living in Copenhagen she also contacted the electronic musician Thomas Knak (aka Opiate), after having enjoyed his 1999 album Objects for an Ideal Home.[5] Björk’s musical taste shifted from the “clang and clatter” and “thumping techno that characterized Homogenic,[6] as she “was bored with big beats”.[3]
Björk then set to make a record with a domestic mood featuring “everyday moods and everyday noises translating into melodies and beats,”[6] hence its working title Domestika.[4] As she wanted to write her own songs in music boxes, Björk contacted a music box company, requesting see-through acrylic glass boxes because she wanted it to sound “as hard as possible, like it was frozen.”[7] She also began to use her laptop to write music, and decided to use instruments whose sound wouldn’t be compromised when downloaded from sites such as Napster.[8] Björk completed: “I had loads and loads of beats for ‘Hidden Place’ but it still wasn’t up enough. Matthew Herbert came for a visit in the studio and offered to do it. He ran away to his studio and came back after a few hours later with a DAT”.[9] She explains the song’s title:

‘Hidden Place’ is sort of about how two people can create a paradise just by uniting. You’ve got an emotional location that’s mutual. And it’s unbreakable. And obviously it’s make-believe. So, you could argue that it doesn’t exist because it’s invisible, but of course it does.[10]

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