Pluto (song)

“Pluto” is a song by Icelandic musician Björk. The song was written and produced by Björk and British producer Mark Bell for Björk’s fourth studio album, Homogenic (1997).

The song is a collaborative effort between Björk and LFO’s Mark Bell, who was credited for the majority of the album’s production. Björk desired to have Mark Bell contribute to her albums Debut and Post, only finding him available for Homogenic.[1] Björk wrote the song in a Nord Lead synthesizer.[2] The final version was a result of Björk and Bell’s improvised jam sessions in Málaga, Spain, where the album was recorded.[3] Björk recalls:

“That was me and Mark having a laugh in Spain. It was a [hot] day like this. We got a little amp outside and a keyboard and I just did all these really punk things, just really thinking heavy metal. Most of the tracks I wrote before Mark started on them, so they’re more like song-songs, and then Mark would work on beats and arrangements with me afterwards.”[3]

The song’s title comes from the astrological concepts of Pluto, the sign ruler of Scorpio. Pluto is sometimes called “the Great Renewer”: it is the planet of rebirth and transformation that comes from experiences of destruction.[4] A Scorpio herself, Björk has said: “having a lot in the planet Pluto, which I do, means you want to cut the crap, throw all the rubbish away. No extra baggage. It’s death and birth.”[5]

On the 7th of May 2015, Björk linked to a video of a woman in a blue morphsuit twerking to the song on both her Twitter[6] and Facebook[7] accounts. In a week, the video had amassed 20,000+ views on YouTube. On her Facebook status, she claims that the video was shown to her by a friend. Soon after though, the video and the channel associated with it were taken down for reasons unknown.

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