Princes of the Universe

“Princes of the Universe” is a song written by Freddie Mercury and performed by Queen. The song was written for the soundtrack of the movie Highlander and released on the A Kind of Magic album in 1986.[2]

“Princes of the Universe”, written for Highlander, is the only song on the album for which Mercury receives sole credit. It is played over the film’s opening credits, and was later used as the opening theme for Highlander: The Series.[3] The song was never released as a single in the United Kingdom, and while it never truly charted, it is considered a cult favourite because of its relation to the film. In the movie, the guitar solo in the beginning is deleted.

The lyrics are from the perspective of the immortals, about the state of being immortal, the superiority it gives them to normal humans, and the test that they always have to face because of this. Some of the lyrics can be interpreted as regarding Queen themselves: “People talk about you, people say you’ve had your day / I’m a man that will go far, find the moon and reach for the stars.” The song “Who Wants to Live Forever,” which also features in the film, is the foil of this song.[4]

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