Sakura Drops

“Sakura Drops” (Japanese: SAKURAドロップス Hepburn: Sakura Doroppusu?, “Cherry Blossom Drops”) is a song by Japanese musician Hikaru Utada. It was released as a double A-side single with the song “Letters” on May 9, 2002.[1]

Since she debuted as a musician in 1998, Utada had worked as the primary or sole songwriter for her music. Beginning with her second album Distance (2001), Utada began to co-arrange songs, such as “Wait & See (Risk)”, “Distance” and “Kettobase!”[2] The bonus track on Distance, “Hayatochi-Remix”, was arranged entirely by Utada.[2] In March 2002, Hikaru Utada released “Hikari”, the theme song for the game Kingdom Hearts.[3] “Sakura Drops” was first announced as the theme song for the drama First Love in mid February.[3]

A music video was released for the song, directed by her then husband Kazuaki Kiriya,[11] who had directed all of her music videos since “Final Distance” (2001). The video clip was a mix of strongly colored CGI imagery of a fantasy forest and animals, as well as scenes of Utada standing in this forest. The imagery seen in the video was inspired by the works of Edo period artist Itō Jakuchū.[12]

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