Satellite 15… The Final Frontier

“Satellite 15… The Final Frontier” is the first track from British heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s album The Final Frontier. A short teaser for the song’s music video was released on 9 July 2010 and an announcement of the full video’s release was made on 13 July.[1]

The music video, presenting a 4-minute edit of the song (“The Final Frontier”), shows an astronaut (Gudmundur Thorvaldsson)[2] on a quest to destroy an unnamed planet. He is pursued and attacked by an alien incarnation of Eddie, the band’s mascot, before apparently killing him. Back on the spaceship, Eddie has sneaked aboard and ejects the astronaut into space, shortly before himself destroying the planet using a pyramidal relic (that the astronaut himself had just recovered from the planet) and the key featured on the album cover.

The video was created in eight weeks from a mixture of live action, CGI, and 3D animation by Darkside Animation Films. Written by Dirk Maggs, the live-action sequences were directed by Nick Scott Studios and shot in Rendlesham Forest.[3]

The song’s guitar solo, lasting from about 6:32 to 7:16, is a trade-off divided into two parts; the first is played by Adrian Smith (6:32-7:01), while the second is played by Dave Murray (7:01-7:16).

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