Shame, Shame , Shame (Shirley & Company song)

“Shame, Shame, Shame” is a 1974 hit song written by Sylvia Robinson, performed by American disco band Shirley & Company and released on the Vibration label. The lead singer is Shirley Goodman, the male vocalist is Jesus Alvarez.[1]

The track, with its prominent use of the Bo Diddley beat, was one of the first international disco hits and reached number 12 on the Billboard charts. It also hit number one on the soul singles chart for one week.[2] “Shame, Shame, Shame also went number one on the disco/dance charts for four weeks.[3] It was however the sole success of this one-hit wonder band: the song was first released and the full-length LP Shame, Shame, Shame was recorded subsequently and came out in 1975.[4]

The lead singer Shirley Goodman, was one half of the duo Shirley and Lee who had a mega hit 18 years earlier, in 1956, writing and recording the song “Let The Good Times Roll” for Aladdin Records.

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