Sugar Rush (A-Teens song)

Sugar Rush was A-Teens’ third single from their second album Teen Spirit.

The song was released on radio in April 2001 and the video in May 2001 but failed to get the public’s attention around Europe.[citation needed] However, the song was a hit in Latin America[citation needed] and Asia,[citation needed] and the video was often played in North America where it was nominated for “Best Video of the Year” at the Kids Choice Awards in 2001[citation needed] but lost to ‘N Sync’s “Pop”.

The single release had a B-side, “Give it Up” that was later included on the album’s re-issue.

“Sugar Rush” peaked at number 15 in Sweden[citation needed] and number 72 in Germany[citation needed] becoming (at that time) the lowest chart positions for the A-Teens in both countries.[citation needed] Mexican radio embraced the track and it reached number-two on its fifth week in the Top 100,[citation needed] while in Argentina the band scored another Top 20 when it climbed to number 11.[citation needed]

Several remixes of the song were added to dance compilations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.[citation needed]

The song was also recorded by the American pop boy-band Dream Street and was released in July 2001 on their debut album, “Dream Street,” only two months following the radio release of the A*Teens version.

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