Time Limit (song)

“Time Limit” (Japanese: タイム・リミット Hepburn: Taimu Rimitto?) is a song by Japanese musician Hikaru Utada. It was released as a double A-side single with the song “For You” on June 30, 2000.[1]

In 1999, Utada released her debut album First Love, which was the most commercially successful album of all time in Japan.[2] After this success, she released two follow-up singles, “Addicted to You” (1999) and “Wait & See (Risk)” (2000), which were both produced by American production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.[3][4] For “Time Limit”, Utada enlisted the help of American producer Rodney Jerkins, and recorded the song at Darkchild Studios in New Jersey.[1][5]

The song was co-composed with Takuro of the band Glay,[6] the first time Utada had shared the role of songwriter since her 1998 pre-debut album Precious as Cubic U. For Utada’s second album Distance (2001), she worked together with Takuro again on the song “Drama”.[7]

The “For You” / “Time Limit” single was released right before Bohemian Summer 2000, her first wide-scale tour of Japan,[6] and on the same day as the DVD single release of her previous single, “Wait & See (Risk)”.
A music video was created for the song, featuring footage of a live performance by Utada, performed on the stage of her Bohemian Summer 2000 tour.[12] The footage was taken from performance of the tour, at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo, on July 1, 2000.[citation needed]

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