Wildest Dreams (Iron Maiden song)

“Wildest Dreams” is a single from Iron Maiden’s 13th studio album, Dance of Death, released in 2003. It was written by guitarist Adrian Smith and bassist Steve Harris.

The band began performing the song in concert before the album was released. The single also includes an improvisational jam from the Dance of Death sessions. The song was again played on The Final Frontier World Tour.

The music video is a computer animated short, where the band members drive around a desolate planet and into the mouth of Eddie (as depicted on the CD single cover).[2]

The guitar solo in “Wildest Dreams” is played by Adrian Smith.

It is also unique in the release of a DVD single[3] at the same time as the CD single,[4] the first time this was done by the band.

The single was released as a 7″ Green Vinyl Limited Edition[5] with two tracks; A CD maxi-single with three tracks[6] on it; Then for the first time a DVD version of the title track as a single[7] which also had a behind the scenes.

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