You Get Me

“You Get Me” is the first single from ZOEgirl’s third studio album, Different Kind of Free. It was written by Chrissy Conway-Katina and her then-lover, now-husband James Katina.

Like “With All of My Heart”, it was a No. 1 hit and received over 50,000 spins on the radio.[1] There was also a retail CD single released. A music video was created to promote this song.

Chrissy Conway-Katina’s inspiration for this song came from comparing her pre-Christian past to the Christian life and ministry she had at the time of writing. She “was always looking for somewhere to fit in” during the early years of her life. After she started following Jesus, her perspective of life took a drastic change. She then became “less concerned with fitting in with the world and more concerned with belonging to God.”[2]

The intimate relationship she shares with Christ is what fuels this song: “God is truly the only one who knows my thoughts before I think them. He’s the only one who knew every day of my life before I even took my first breath. No one else but God could ever love me and accept me for who I am the way that He can. He’s the only one who gets me.”[2]

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